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The MOST Promising New Year!

In Christ, we have solutions for every problem or concern. No need for re-solutions!
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We, the people of God, often speak of God’s Will, and each of us most likely has an idea of what that means. For an accurate reading of God’s Will, however, let's see what God's Word says: "You're Cordially Invited to the Reading of God's Will" - https://marysayler.blogspot.co....m/2021/09/youre-cord #love #forgiveness #God #JesusChrist #life #eternity

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It was finished.
There was nothing left to do
but take down Jesus' body
and hide it quickly
from mind, from view.
The terror of the tomb
closed the matter,
once for all,
wrapping sin
for its descent
into down-falling darkness
where never light had been.
Even from the Upper Room
no one had known our own
souls would be exhumed.
But Christ arose.
And with Him angels rolled
away the tombstone,
shroud, and doubt –
releasing all
who wanted out.

Mary Harwell Sayler
from book, A Gathering of Poems

On Jesus' Resurrection

Hopefully this poem might inspire a sermon!
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Just thought some here might like to post some sermons and exchange ideas. I am not really a "preacher" but I do "fill in" sometimes. Now I if I can figure out a way to post them.


Just thought it might be good to have a place for people to post sermons.