Rich Penkoski
Rich Penkoski
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Rich Penkoski
July 30, 1976
Lives in Martinsburg, WV
Pastor: Warriors for Christ Ministries.
Family Relation
Sister : Anita Ann

Mother-in-law : Lisa Kicha

Sister : Nellchy Kentley

My kids
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Archaeologists May Have Found the Old Testament City of Ai
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Disneyland Paris to Host ‘Magical Pride’ on June 1 for Homosexual ‘Pride Month’
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Woman Who Identifies as Man Wants to Be Listed as ‘Father,’ Not Mother, on Child’s Birth Certificate
This is literal insanity and the church continues to stay silent. The church refuses to engage in this spiritual battle, the church just wants to hear about puppies, rainbows, and unicorns while the world burns around them.
This is not who God has called you to be. Christians are supposed to be engaged and pro active, not reactive.
The Christian life isn’t always easy, it requires us to actually get up out of their pews and do something.
It’s a sad thing to see because so many people who think they’re saved are in for a rude awakening.
What will Jesus say to you when you stand before him? Will he say well done my good and faithful servant or will he simply look at you and say well?
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Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes
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Mike Pence Warns World Leaders of Iranian Plot for ‘Another Holocaust’ in Israel
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First U.S. Man to Legally Identify as ‘Neither’ Renounces Transgenderism: ‘I Am and Have Always Been Male’
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Are Christian Leaders More Likely to Commit Sexual Sin?
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South Carolina Megachurch Donates $50,000 to Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Center
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Medical Waste Giant Stericycle Burning Bodies of Aborted Babies in ‘Modern-Day Auschwitz’ Plant, Investigation Reveals
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When we come together and use the voice God gave us we absolutely get results.
DC Comics Cancels ‘Blasphemous’ Jesus Series after 220,000 Sign Petition
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Bradley Beary All right we need to keep up the fight the war has began
Dean Wittmer Things like this aren't meant for adults, for kids obviously. Just another part of the brainwashing. As this is also.
Calnus's Corner Comics were, at one time, written for anyone but aimed at kids, now they are written for likes and retweets from social justice warriors, not even for profit anymore. If someone is unironically letting their kids read comics in today's culture, they are a bad parent.
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