Greedy Green Fascists

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Burning trees to make money for the greedy of the world.

I read the following this morning about what happened in Texas with the storm yesterday.

“With temperatures falling to below -10C (14F), the state's power grid failed when it could not cope with the demand for electricity.  Rotating power outages have been put in place by the grid operator to reduce demand on the electricity system, leaving millions of people without electricity.”

I guess I was a bit surprised.  Don’t Texans heat by gas?  My home is heated with gas so my electricity use doesn’t go up because of a snow storm.  My gas usage bill goes up when the temperature drops outside.

The problem in Texas highlights a growing problem due to the Greedy Green Fascists who own and promote “renewable” energy companies (burning trees is “renewable” which they call “Woody Biomass” to hide the truth) for producing electricity.  They promote their companies by getting countries to legislate in their favour:  oil and gas BAD; renewable energy (burning trees) GOOD. 

Trees are being shipped overseas for burning to generate electricity.  Forests are being clear cut. Forests produce oxygen.  The Greedy Green Fascists don’t care if we choke to death so long as the trees on their estates are still standing and producing oxygen.

Wind generators only work when there is wind.  Solar only works when there is sun.  Burning trees is all year round, day after day.  I wouldn’t mind that battery charging bicycle from the movie Soylent Green, to lose weight and cut on my hydro bill.

The love of money is the root of all evil.  Climate Change is all about making Greedy Green Fascists rich, not the good of the planet.

Up here, they punish us for not being GOOD, by selfishly heating with BAD gas, they tax us (13%) on consumption.  It’s called the Carbon Tax.  They want to whip us into submission by driving us to using electricity.  When trees burn to make electricity, it produces carbon but it’s GOOD because it money for the Greedy Green Fascists who own the tree burning electric companies.

When Amazonian farmers burn forests, that’s BAD.  That’s because the forest burning Greedy Green Fascists don’t make a profit.  It doesn’t generate electricity.

The US EPA says the following “To proactively address congressional directives and stakeholder concerns specific to the use of forest biomass for energy, EPA’s policy in forthcoming regulatory actions will be to treat biogenic CO2 emissions resulting from the combustion of biomass from managed forests at stationary sources for energy production as carbon neutral.” 

All those buzzwords and verbiage to claim that if it’s burning trees for producing electricity it’s “neutral.”   I hear a lot of slithering serpent hissing as I read the words.  Don’t bite on the fruity juicy words.


The government servants of the Greedy Green Fascists want to sell electricity.  They want more electric cars (I don’t).  Electric heating (I don’t).  Electric lawn mowers.  Electric planes (very scary).  Everything electric.  The more people comply, the higher the cost of electricity.  This mass herding of the population is only making everyone poorer but filling the coffers of the Greedy Green Fascists.

The world will be worse off in the years to come.  Energy dystopia is on its way for all but the rich.  I’m pretty sure Saudi Arabia will continue using gas.  I think Israel will also use gas (they’ve now got huge offshore gas fields) because Israel believes in planting trees.