MoneyWalk 128 Mission, Vision, & Goals Planning

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This program will help you undo financial bondage.

You need a mission in life otherwise you’ll be unfulfilled, useless to other people, and/or a negative drain on your family, friends, and society. People without a godly mission tend to engage negative behaviors and activities. Others who engage missions that are not given and guided by the LORD may experience earthly success and praise from man, but on Judgment Day will be considered unfruitful. They have the wrong mission because they do not seek His glory in what they do, the skill they display, and the people they help. Upon turning to Him, their hearts, minds, and priorities will change and be an eternal blessing to them.

He wants us to understand that The Great Commission is the right mission and in pursuing it we must follow The Great Commandment by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person using an abundant portion of our voices, lives, time, money, and other resources. You should ask God to show His long-range vision for your life and goals you can employ in order to fulfill His mission: specifically, your part of it.

It will take continual planning to reach your goals, achieve your vision, and fulfill your part of the mission. If you don't write your plan out on a medium you can frequently re-read and periodically adjust (such as a computer), overtime specific components may be lost to your memory and you will fail to do all you should in leading other people to Him. People who keep their vision and goals always in view achieve much more than those who plan only in their heads and way more than those who don't plan at all. If you don't currently know what your specific vision and goals should be, start or maintain daily worship, praise, prayer, and bible study, keep serving in your local church, and keep learning about and disciplining yourself to be a good steward, including finances. In this way, you will please the LORD by drawing closer to Him. This will lead you to support your local church and build His kingdom in the hearts of people by funding the gospel mission via tithes and offerings.

Satan continually tries to blind and lead people into the pit of Hell, originally designed for him and fallen angels. As you get busy working on the Great Commission with your local church, in due time the LORD will show you and other church leaders specifically what He wants you to do. Then, He’ll help you pursue what is important to His heart and your prosperity and posterity.

Habakkuk 2:1-4, Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 19:21-22, Acts 26:12-23

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The book at the link below provides principles and practical steps that help you use the Power To Get Wealth. By 1992, we had $135,000 of debt and a negative $35,000 net worth. Financial bondage and turmoil led me to seek principles and a process for employing good stewardship. As a result, we became constructively debt-free in 1998, mortgage free January 2004, millionaires in 2012, multi-millionaires shortly thereafter, and retired in 2018 in my mid-fifties from public servant jobs while giving abundantly to fund the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. The same power is available to you!

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