Everything You Should Know About Corner Fireplaces

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During the chilly winter months, there are several methods to keep your house snug and toasty. However, you must also maintain your electricity bill within normal limits.

Going bankrupt heating your house will not benefit you much. Fortunately, there is an amazing method that you may use to avoid this predicament. Purchasing a corner electric fireplace is one of the greatest methods to keep your house warm throughout the long, harsh winter.


Of course, not everything is so simple. There are several varieties of corner electric fireplaces on sale. In addition, there are many fly-by-night services that offer tenths of the model for little money. However, there are a plethora of genuine units that will keep your house secure while also saving you money. This is the list of corner electric fireplace models that we have compiled for you.

Redden Corner Electric Fireplace By Southern Enterprises

  • The traditional Espresso finish complements the style of your living room.
  • The device may be easily recessed into any accessible corner of your room.
  • It can provide additional heat for up to 400 square feet of space.
  • It may also function as a TV or computer stand.


When searching for a new corner electric fireplace, a savvy buyer should check for a variety of features. First, the individual must be true to his name. It should be tucked into the corner for easy storage and access. Then, it must be capable of quickly heating up a large area. Finally, you must be able to operate throughout the winter in a safe and cost-effective manner.


We can just as easily admit that we are interested in these elections. Our top-rated corner electric fireplace is the Southern Enterprises Redden. We arrived at this conclusion for a variety of reasons, some practical and others economic. We noticed that the Southern Enterprises Redden model heats our home the fastest and cheapest.


Redden Southern Enterprises is a great choice for your home. It has a slew of functions, including a remote control that lets you adjust the brightness of the flame display to your liking. You have full control over the height, shape, color, and frequency of the flame. This modern electric fireplace also has a range of heat and energy-saving settings, which helps you save energy and money.


Of course, there are several more good models on the market for you to try. While the Southern Enterprises Redden is our top pick, several of the runner-ups may also be appealing to the discriminating consumer. We tested these units in our own home and noticed that they offer a number of noteworthy features.


You may select one of these models according to the unique conditions and needs of your house. You might even like one of the finalists. As a result, it is worth devoting a few sentences to them.


WE 48′′ Furniture


  • Deluxe 48′′ version with a corner design that saves room
  • It also serves as a home entertainment storage facility.
  • To get started, simply plug it into a standard power outlet.
  • The manufacturer provides a complete warranty of assured quality.


  • Its full size of 48′′ may be too large for certain houses.
  • If utilized concurrently with every other device on your rack, it may use a significant amount of electricity.


The premium WE Furniture 48′′ model may be too large for certain households, which is why we rank it towards the top of the runner-ups. It does, however, have a useful corner positioning option and looks simply gorgeous. Since it can also serve as a handy storage device in an entertainment center, you can keep all your devices in one place.


Ameriwood Home Overland



  • TVs up to 50" wide may be stored.
  • It has a traditional Espresso finish and has a remote control and four touch panel settings.
  • The dimensions are 29.7′′h x 47.6′′w x 19.7′′d.



  • The item's 79-pound weight may make it tough to transport into your corner.
  • It is possible that more than one person will be required to install.


Simply said, the Ameriwood Home Overland model looks and feels the most like a traditional old-fashioned fireplace. Its brick inside and smooth Espresso finish complement your home's décor well. Long-lasting LED lights illuminate the device, which also includes an adjustable downlight function for use on romantic nights.


  • The unit is constructed of high-quality MDF and long-lasting laminate.
  • It is a basic plug-in machine, so you do not need an electrician to install it.
  • The overall dimensions of the product are 44 x 16 x 30 inches.
  • Remote control and touch panel controls are included.


  • For some purchasers, the total weight of 96 pounds may be too high.
  • Although it comes with an instruction manual, it may still take more than one person to assemble.


The WE Furniture 44′′ inch is undeniably comfy, practical, and appealing. It fits in every corner of the house, and can also be used as a container for home entertainment. It's rather thick and heavy in places. This won't be an issue if you have a helper at home to help you build and place the device. Overall, it's a great house heating gadget.