MoneyWalk 120 Mission Focused Money Management

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This program will help you undo financial bondage.

This program will help you undo financial bondage.

If all God wanted was for you to have everything that appeals to your natural mind no matter the cost (big houses, fine cars, expensive clothes, and fine jewelry), then you'd be on the right road by spending all your net income and using credit to get such things and more of them all the time. However, the bible reveals that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (the life that is according to His standards) and everything we need for life, godliness, and ministry will be given to us. This includes provision for the ministry of cultivating family, friend, church, business, employment, relationships, and finances in a manner that glorifies God.

Christians should not live their lives pursuing material blessing, rather we should pursue Father God and His will for our lives throughout every career, business endeavor, and ministry work we engage. We must know Daddy God will bestow greater blessing upon on us as we seek to do His will and follow directions He gives: in His Word (logos) and by His Spirit speaking in us what He wants us to do (rhema).

No sorrow will be added to the blessing when wealth is provided by God and brought about via intimacy with Jesus Christ. Many people experience lack of peace, joy, and fulfillment even though they amassing riches because they refused to adhere to His lifestyle and financial standards. Many look good on the outside having plenty of stuff their carnal soul-led nature craves, but they’re full of decay and destruction internally and unable to maintain moral behavior that would truly serve them, spouses, children, and other people.

Unbelievers try to obtain the best by avoiding relationship with Jesus Christ and trying to do everything on their own to get such things including constantly taking out more loans to get them and looking at most situations from a “what can I get out of it” perspective. The pressure of this lifestyle brings sorrow, anxiety, and fear. However, that is not the case for those who pursue Jesus Christ because the bible declares the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. This person always thinks and acts on “what the Father wants me to do” and “how can I use this job, business, career, or resource to bring the glorious light of the gospel into more people’s lives.”

Unfortunately, through misinformation and self-serving interpretations of bible passages many believers use the world system to try and bring blessing upon themselves. They wind up with sorrows instead, at least while on earth. Hopefully, they will soon recognize they should first seek relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit’s guidance in every area of life including their finances. His scriptures identify a financial plan (principles that help you manage money in a way that is pleasing to Him and truly helpful to others). He wants you to know you’ll be a slave to satan and selfish thinking when you follow any other plan.

He created you to support ministry with a great portion of your money. Your stewardship of money should be mission driven based on the fact that you, like God, don't want anyone to perish but (1) everyone to repent for their sins, (2) accept Christ as Lord, (3) inherit eternal life, and (4) be truly fruitful while on earth. True fruitfulness can only happen when you: 

  • Seek the Lord’s will for your life through daily worship (including thanksgiving, praise, and prayer), bible reading / study, and regular fellowship with believers connected with a local bible-believing Church.
  • Work in legitimate endeavors in order to have seed to sow and bread to eat.
  • Consistently tithe and give offerings.
  • Live on less than your net income (take home pay).
  • Employ deferred gratification until you’re able to buy with cash things you desire, thereby trusting God to provide things you need via your income or the goodwill of other people.
  • Eliminate debt on non-mortgage loans first and then work on eliminating mortgages. Unless you have extremely high-interest loans, the Debt Snowball is psychologically the best method to start with because it provides quick wins early on that keep you motivated to continue the pattern.
  • Refuse to use loans to obtain assets that depreciate in value.
  • Refuse to co-sign loans for other people.
  • Establish suitable savings for emergencies and unusual expenses.
  • Invest in assets that show a history of above average appreciation (no-load low-expense stock index mutual funds that provide diversification, etc.)

This pattern fits The Great Commandment and The Great Commission lifestyle of good stewardship that scripture instructs us to employ. Living this life of faith will result in you being blessed and rewarded, so you can appropriately care for your family and be a blessing to many others.

Deuteronomy 8:18-20, Psalms 2:8, Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 26:15-18, 2Timothy 1:7-11 

Please pray for this ministry and email questions to and share the links below with others who need guidance. May the LORD bless you richly as you follow His plan! 

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The book at the link below provides principles and practical steps that help you use the Power To Get Wealth. By 1992, we had $135,000 of debt and a negative $35,000 net worth. Financial bondage and turmoil led me to seek principles and a process for employing good stewardship. As a result, we became constructively debt-free in 1998, mortgage free January 2004, millionaires in 2012, multi-millionaires shortly thereafter, and retired in 2018 in my mid-fifties from public servant jobs while giving abundantly to fund the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. The same power is available to you!

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