Fallible Doctors

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Doctor's are not gods they are human just like the rest of us.

There is a strawman argument making its rounds that could be titled “I don’t know what’s in it” which may also includes “I just trust my doctor”. It is apparently to counter the argument that people don’t know what’s in the covid vaccines with the implication to the unvaccinated “so why worry ya bunch of idiots.”

The author argues that they don’t know what’s in Ibuprophen or Tylenol. It’s a very strange argument to make because every bottle is sold with a sheet full of details plus a list of ingredients on the label of the bottle. Manufacturers encourage consumers to read the sheet before using. That’s how they cover their liability. It’s called disclosure.

The notion that one should go through life without taking stock of what is in products seems to me to be glib, happy-go-lucky and flat out irresponsible. I see it as abdication of personal responsibility.


Then there is the really foolish part of the argument stating that the person doesn’t know what’s in a big mac. Frankly, if one doubts if the beef isn’t beef, the bun isn’t bread or the green stuff isn’t lettuce, my goodness stop eating them .

The argument goes on “I trust my doctor.” Thalidomide was widely prescribed by doctors people trusted.  Some people, like my mother in law, went with a gut feeling and said no. Before it was proven that cigarettes caused cancer, cigarette companies recruited doctors for testimonials.

Doctors are quite capable of giving in to greed and manipulation. That’s how the opioid crisis started. Doctors were rewarded with many incentives to prescribe opioids widely.

Here is a CBC article showing linkages between doctors and pharmateucitals with a call to force doctors to disclose their ties to pharmaceuticals.