Tips For Attracting Bluebirds

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Bluebirds are easy to attract, but there are some things you can do to help. The following artlcle includes some tips.


Some Tips For Attracting Bluebirds


  1. Be patient.  It might take a season or so for the Bluebirds to claim it especially, if you have not already been placing a nesting box in your yard.
  2. Bluebirds like meal worms so, if you want to feed them, it can help attract them sooner.
  3. Bluebirds are creatures of habit so; you very well might see the same pair every year.
  4. Bluebirds like to remove the nest from the box they have previously used before using it again.  You can help them by removing the nest yourself after the hatchlings fledge (leave the nest).  I usually do this.  They will lay up to 3 sets of eggs in a season.
  5. Leave your box in place year round.  Bluebirds will roost in your box during the cold season to keep warm.  People have reported seeing up to 6 birds in one box during the winter.
  6. Mount your box to a post in an open area.  It can be mounted on an existing fence.  DO NOT mount your post to a tree.  That will make it too susceptible to predators such as snakes. 
  7. Even on a post, snakes will seek out Bluebird eggs and hatchlings.  You can use a predator guard to help prevent that.  Look online to find ideas and products.  I, so far, have not used any.
  8. Mount your box so that the opening is about 5 feet above the ground. 
  9. When using multiple boxes, experts say to space them out about 125 to 150 yards apart.  Bluebirds are very territorial.  However, to prevent competition for bluebird houses, the houses can be paired. To do this, place two houses 5 to 25 feet apart from each other. The bluebird society's spacing guidelines could then be used to determine the distance between that pair and the next. This allows a different species to occupy one of the paired houses while a Bluebird claims the other.  I do this and usually they will lay their first brood in one box and their second brood in the other.  
  10. Most of all, have fun studying and watching your Bluebirds.  They are beautiful creatures and are very people friendly.