Advantages Of An All Vinyl Bluebird Nesting Box

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Innovative All Vinyl Bluebird Nesting Box Only $35.00 plus shipping.

My all vinyl bluebird nesting box is a great choice for several reasons.

1. You will never need to replace it. It will endure all types of weather conditions and will never rot or decay. It is put together with aluminum screws.

2. Bluebirds are attracted to it. I have been testing these boxes for 4 or 5 years and bluebirds have used them every year. Last year they used my vinyl bluebird box exclusively for the first time and never used my wooden box at all.

3. The box has a 4" X 4" floor. Many of today's expert bluebirders are saying the bluebirds prefer the smaller space. Perhaps they feel more secure.

4. My all vinyl bluebird box is very attractive, too. At least many people have told me so. I think it is, of course.

5. This box requires little maintenance. You will only need to clean it, but only if you prefer. I usually clean out the nest after each brood. Bluebirds will do that themselves, however.

6. The box can be easily mounted to a fence post. It will sit perfectly on top of a 4" X 4" post. You can secure it at the botton with screws. You can also easily face mount it to any post. I have one monted to a 1" cast iron pipe planted in the ground. It was the very first box I made.  I secured it with zip ties. I just had to punch a few small holes in the back of the box and run the ties thru them. It works very well.

7. The box does not cost much more than a wooden box - only $35.00- and given the fact it will never rot, decay or need replacing, makes it a good bargain.

8. So far, I have never had any prpblems with quirrels trying to get on it or in it.  You do not have to worry about squirrels chewing the hole like they will on a wooden box.

9. I can't say with certainty, but I think the slick surface deters snakes, too. Just don't place it near a tree or on a wall that snakes can climb. I have one mounted on my viny fence post and it looks very attracive.

10. The box has a red cedar floor, which should last a lifetime.  But, it is floating and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacing.

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