MoneyWalk 105 Truly Successful Money Management

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Financial guidance based on biblical principles

This program will help you undo financial bondage.

God has made each believer a new creation (peculiar to those still in the world) with a spiritual appetite that by faith looks for and engages opportunities that bring the gospel message to unbelievers and equips people to serve in ways that glorify God.

Each person who confesses that Jesus Christ is Savior and LORD, believing in the atoning power of His godly blood and the eternal victory obtained by His resurrection, is already a king and priest with power and authority from Him over all satanic beings and evil strategies seeking to oppose His will. He prepared for every believer the heavenly plan, tools, and treasures necessary to fulfill his or her:

• Part of the Great Commission
• Specific godly calling
• Earthly responsibilities to family, Church, and community.

You can say you live in faith toward God and are a good manager of His treasures. However, your faith is only evident by the godly fruit produced. It is the material evidence of your true desire, displaying that Jesus Christ is your foundation and exceeding great reward. It also attests to the fact that you have, by the power of the Holy Spirit, crucified your sinful fleshly nature (the ways of the world) and the lust thereof to overcome bondage formerly imposed on you by satan, demonic forces, and wicked men.

Do not let carnal lusts direct your life or money management strategy, or else destruction will result (eternal and earthly) due to the constant effort and use of ungodly means to obtain material things and disregard of the LORD’s glory as you go about life. To be truly successful, you must be led and empowered by Him via an intimate relationship. It will lead you to use biblical lifestyle and financial principles like income earning, tithing abundant giving, planning and budgeting, saving for emergencies, debt-elimination, refusing cosigning, investing, and diversification of assets. They help you break bondage, build treasures on earth for Heaven’s use, and reap fulfilling rewards.

Please pray for this ministry. May the LORD bless you richly as you follow His plan!

Psalms 37:1-6, 21-26 Proverbs 3:5-10, Matthew 6:31-33, 1John 2:15-17, Jude 1:11-13

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By 1992, we had $135,000 of debt and a negative $35,000 net worth. Financial bondage and turmoil led me to seek principles and a process for employing good stewardship. As a result, we became constructively debt-free in 1998, mortgage free January 2004, millionaires in 2012, multi-millionaires shortly thereafter, and retired in 2018 in my mid-fifties from public servant jobs while giving abundantly to fund the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. The same power is available to help you!