MoneyWalk 104 Financial Self-Control

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Article based on biblical principles that helps you undo financial bondage.

This program will help you undo financial bondage.

Satan employs a major strategy of introducing you to ideas that put the greatest priority in life on earning great amounts of money, seeking success among men, and pursuing pleasures that it seems a lot of money could buy. His demonic cohorts constantly bombard you with such ideas through media articles, infomercials, internet spam, person to person communication, and some pulpits.

They know the love of money is the root of all evil and that covetousness and idolatry is able to eternally destroy your life. They also know you will have little to no time to learn truth by fellowshipping with the LORD and the Church in prayer and bible study, if they can convince you that it’s better to spend your time trying to get rich and buy loads of material things.

Their age-old strategy includes trying to convince you He is okay with any activity or business endeavor that makes lots of money. They try to convince you He rejoices when you spend all your time working to obtain more money and situations that might bring you power, fame, and notoriety on earth. These mistaken beliefs have caused many divorces, neglected children, oppression in the workforce, and eternal separation from the LORD. This is not His best for you.

To be sure, there is nothing wrong with engaging work and business endeavors in ways that responsibly use your gifts and talents with an opportunity to become immensely profitable. In fact, you should pursue profitable work and/or business ventures, yet such activity and time spent should never crowd out faithfully maintaining daily devotions and intimacy with the LORD, weekly fellowship with believers, and managing lifestyle including finances according to biblical principles. In doing so, you will eliminate problems and negative consequences and produce everything you need for life and godliness on earth and throughout eternity.

A lifestyle of devotion to Him shows the priority upon which your heart is focused and brings forth an abundance of resources in your life from which you are able to fund the kingdom and experience material things in a manner that pleases Him and brings you peace and joy.

1Corinthians 9:24-27, Galatians 5:16-24, 1Timothy 6:6-10, James 5:1-8

Please pray for this ministry. May the LORD bless you richly as you follow His plan!