The Newest Mayumi Yamase x Nike Blazer Low Flyleather Releasing for Girls

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The Newest Mayumi Yamase x Nike Blazer Low Flyleather Releasing for Girls

Yamami is a multi-faceted artist from Tokyo, Japan. She will bring her talent to Nike and provide the brand with a unique sense of color and brush. Her work has thoroughly studied 2D and 3D media, and has perfectly helped Air Force 1. New Air Force 1 will soon launch Yamas' artwork and sustainable flying leather architecture. Earlier this week, as part of the duo, the two started with a simple white foundation, which is a perfect canvas. Yamas, thanks in part to it, can fully adapt to her current style, adding a soft rusty brown color to the sides and a sharp shape. More importantly, the thick indigo embroidery accentuates the adjacency of the latter, creating a subtle but still obvious dimensional hierarchy. Brand lenses pass the same aesthetics, abandon their typical refinement, and one that more reflects the above theme. The same goes for the only box and the box, although they are more full of artist's designs.

Tokyo-born artist Yamami is the latest collaborator to help Nike promote its sustainable Nike leather materials. Does her canvas appear? : Nike low-profile jacket. Mayumi Yamase x Nike Blazer Low Flyleather Like the accompanying Air Force  1, the upcoming couple also indulged in a mainly "white" arrangement. The contour swing, the label on the tongue and the brand on the heel deviate from the "colorless" makeup, including freehand, whimsical details and color choices. The abstract embroidered shape also adds a mix of the side heel and the inner midfoot, further providing a vibrant talent, and the lower layer is at least 50% pink and blue recycled leather fibers. The suede leather reinforcement of the forefoot and tongue adds a bit of gray to the Nike jacket, while the herringbone pattern outsole has a light plastic brown surface that fans love most.

New Release Yeezy has shared dozens of styles for 2021 in the past two months, and recently previewed the YEEZY700MNVNboost "Honey Flux" scheduled to be released in October. Like all the colors of the model so far, this shoe is obsessed with colorful nylon uppers and toned black sole units. Vibrant "orange" and "phosphor powder" lead to the eye-catching yellow in the "Honey Flux" option. With reflection, the backward "700" text reappears on the side profile, as well as the flickering details on the side. The diamond pattern outsole blends into the concealed midsole, but allows the exposed lifting foam to provide white contrast, which is a design choice that many YEEZY products are accustomed to.