Second pastor arrested in Alberta, Canada

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Using the covid plandemic lock down churches and arrest pastors

I live in Ontario, not Alberta.  What is ironic is that Alberta is the centre of evangelical Christianity in Canada but this can still happen.  Most church leaders in Canada are asleep.

We are told by the Lord to rejoice when we are persecuted for His sake. 

We know that Paul did this himself when persecuted but it is also true that Paul used the Law whenever he could.  It was his legal right to use the law.

At Philippi, Paul used the law to question both his imprisonment and scourging without trial (Acts 16:35-40).  Paul protested quite loudly and rejoiced in the Lord.  He did both.  This is the man who wrote Romans 13 about submitting to authorities.  He held the authorities to account by reminding them of the Law.  The authorities were exposed and shaken by their unlawful actions.  They were careful how they treated him after that.

He made use of Roman law in Acts when the Roman soldiers were about to scourge him.  He didn’t just submit with a sense of mystical religious fatalism.  He could have earned many crowns by just submitting to the scourging.   In Acts 25:22 he asked the soldiers if what they were going to do against a citizen without trial was legal?  The soldiers were shaken up at the thought of possibly having broken the law by beating a citizen without trial.

At his trial before the Sanhedrin in Acts 23:6-10, Paul cleverly used divisions between factions of the Sanhedrin to create confusion.  He didn’t preach the gospel to them in this forum.  The Sanhedrin was both a legal entity and a religious one.  Paul used cleverly framed arguments to get the Sadducees and Pharisees to have a furious go at each other.

In Acts 25:10-11 Paul used the law again to appeal to Caesar protesting to the authorities that he had done nothing wrong.  He knew what he was doing.  He used the Law as a means to appear before Caesar and preach the gospel.

There are those who believe that it is good Christian character to submit unquestionningly to any regulation without protest and without resorting to the courts.  We have a constitution in this country, as in others, passed by the governing authorities which applies to all government officials today.  We have courts in this country established by those same governing authorities.

It is not rebellion to challenge authorities and hold them accountable to the law.  A church which challenges a government rule or regulation in court is not doing anything less than what Paul himself did in his day. 

One of the reasons why naziism arose so stridently in Germany is because of the silence of the evangelical church.  It had neither discernment nor courage to speak out against it.  I see the same thing happening in this generation.  I am convinced that when the anti-Christ makes his appearance many churches, in fact most, will be the same as the German evangelical churches before WWII.

I am definitely going to contribute to the fund for the pastor in Alberta (Artur Pawloski) and I support any church that takes the governments to court all the way to the supreme council to test if these laws are constitutional or not.  Such actions are compliant with the law and follow the very examples of Paul in the book of Acts.

William Yates 28 w

This arrest contravenes Canada's Criminal Code sections 176(1)(2) and (3).