Job Killer Bots

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Robots are taking jobs from people

More Innovation (code word for “take jobs from humans”) via robots.  Slowly but surely, hour by hour, step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment, industry is removing humans to increase profit for a dwindling group of elites. 

Customers will be happy as they won’t have to tip but delivery guys will be out of work.  More desperation.  More addictions.  More crime.

My first question is: how will these bots do when driving by desperate homeless people at night with absolutely nothing to lose?  Will these cute little pizza R2D2’s perhaps get mugged?  Tires slashed?  Sledge hammered?  Gun shots driving by?

Will the bots work on winter roads?  What if a moose runs across the road.  What if a pack of coyotes can smell the pizza and attack the bot? What if a skunk sprays the bot before it gets to your house?   What if a homeless guy pees on the bot or rides the bot all the way to your home looking for change? Will you get a refund?

Will the bots eventually do like newspaper delivery and fling said pizza to your doorstep or balcony?

What if the wrong pizza gets delivered?  What if they forgot the dipping sauce?  Will the customer press a button to yell his head off?  Kick the bot? Chase the bot?  Call the bot names?  Sick the dog on the bot?  Maybe grandma Jones will take out her shotgun on the bad delivery bot.  Will the bot do like the Love Bug and eject a stream of oil on your shoes as a counter measure?

If the bot has AI will it learn the language of its customers? “Ola hombre! Aqui esta tu pizza” or “Salut! La v’la ta pizza.”  If it’s having a bad delivery day will it tell a bad customer to “Kiss my Trunk!” and squeal away leaving smoldering skid marks, maybe on a shoe.

Will the bot have a smiley face displayed on its front window?  Will the face interact with customers.

 I don’t think the bots destiny is to remain cute and pristine looking.

My last question is: who will maintain the bots?  Humans, you assume?  Think again.  There will be repair bots.  The US is already using machines to operate on people.  No doctor needed.  Bots will fix bots. 

When 99% of humanity is out of work, how will people buy goods?  Will it be a global welfare state?  Will your welfare payment be dependent on your political loyalty?  The good stuff goes to the elites but the no name pre-packaged junk goes to the rest?