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Coming changes imposed upon the world's population

I was reading information on the global reset on the World Economic Forum web site.  I was interested to read about where they want to push the world regarding health care.

They make the following statement:

“In the next decade, healthcare delivery systems will transform radically. Our current capital intensive, hospital-centric model is unsustainable and ineffective.”

We already see signs of what they are doing.  These globalist elites created the pandemic conditions we suffer under and now they tell us how they want to fix it.  It’s a perfect Hegelian Dialectic.  Thesis + Anti-thesis = Synthesis.   They use this method repeatedly in history to move the world forward along their agenda.  A free humanity is not their objective.  Too many follow the pied piper of globalism.

The thesis in this case is a plandemic called corona virus (in other situations it could be war).  They use a minor virus and engage governments, media and corporations to manufacture a crisis which spreads fear and paranoia in the population.  The lockdowns, restrictions and economic damage are part of the response to the crisis (anti-thesis).  Most of the population yields easily like putty to the pressure. 

The more immature a society, the more it lends itself to such pressures.  They aren’t too worried about objectors who can see what they are doing.  They worry if a great many wake up.

Then, having created the crisis, they put forward solutions to alleviate the pain but the solution was already in their thinking before the crisis.

They speak of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how to change economies.  Health Care is part of it.

What we see already is the move away from personalized health care by getting to see your doctor.  Already we have “virtual” appointments with our doctors over the phone or by video conference.  They want more of this because the agenda is not our well-being but their profits and with profits and riches comes control over human life.

They further declare:

“We aim to ensure every person on earth has equal access to the highest standards of health and healthcare.”

You can see their determination with the use of the words “We aim to”.  They are no asking for our consent.  They will deliver the solutions with an iron fist clothed with a velvet glove.