Three "MUST ASK" questions about the Shroud of Turin"...

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Three great questions to get started in making a correct conclusion on authenticity...


About of the Shroud of Turin

  1. Did the cloth hold a dead body?
  2. If “yes”, did the body decompose in the cloth?
  3. If “no”, what happened to the body…?

Logical follow up questions to #3… and how did the shadow get on the cloth?

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  1. Yes… Medical doctors and scientists with direct access to the shroud and blood reported post-mortem blood with elevated bilirubin consistent with trauma victims.
  2. No… Bodies going through decomposition bloat and leach blood, body fluids, urine, and bile. The first century Hinnom Valley shroud was saturated with these fluids and had maggot eggs present. These were not found on the Shroud of Turin… hence the body in the cloth did not go through complete decomposition.
  3. Several theories on this… the Bible says Jesus’ body was resurrected from the dead. The Jewish Pharisees stated disciples overpowered Roman guards and stole the body.

 As for the shadow on the cloth, shroud expert Dr. John Jackson’s radiation fall-through hypothesis states the body became brilliantly light in less than one second, and the cloth fell through the body in a radiation event. This is evidenced by the presence of what appears to be a dental x-ray near Jesus’ teeth. Similar shadows were found in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bombs. The scientific publication of the radiation fall-through hypothesis can be found in Jackson’s “Critical Summary”, available to the public free at  The “Critical Summary” also lists other theories regarding the shadow, and how they fail to explain the evidence on the Shroud of Turin.

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