As a Christian Nationalist, I affirm:

• Followers of Jesus Christ have, in light of the Great Commission given by Jesus (Matthew 28:16-2, a twofold mission: 1) evangelism – the Christian transformation of individuals; and 2) dominion – the Christian transformation of society.

• Regarding the latter, the nation is the highest, most all-embracing form of society. It is God Himself who wills the existence of nations (Genesis 11:1-9; Amos 9:7; Acts 17:26). They are thus an ordinance of His creation and are included within His salvific plans for humanity (Genesis 12:1-3; Matthew 28:19). Furthermore, their existence, like that of individuals, is fully sanctified in the new heaven and new earth (Revelation 21:24; 22:3). Nationalism is thus a Christian obligation.

• Christendom – Christian culture and civilization – is the spiritual and physical community of Christian nations.

• As a concrete social and political program, Christian Nationalism transcends the modern Left-Right dichotomy; indeed, it seeks to completely subvert this moribund and stagnant paradigm, insofar as faithful obedience to the full Word of God requires.