Living His Word
Living His Word
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Living His Word
September 11, 1973
Lives in Texas
We are a ministry that teaches God's word through living scripture from the Holy Bible that leads and points to Jesus, not us. People are dying, hurting, struggling, not knowing, lost, abused and much more in this fallen world we live in. Time is running thin and more people are facing life changing events each day. If you are looking to be set right with God, restored and reinstated then Holy Scripture will do this (Galatians 6:1). We provide that necessary teaching. Visit us at
LHWM post news that lines up with scripture. The birth pangs have already begun (Matthew 24:8) and are becoming quicker and quicker. Situations will not get better they are going to get worse and these birth pangs are leading us towards sudden destruction, tribulation, the horseman and much more that is predicted in the bible. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE LEFT HERE OR SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL, today choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior, visit our page to learn more. visit our to read our daily news. God Bless You!
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Church Of Ephesus - Are Works Enough? --- #Church #ephesus #revelation
Revelation 1:1-3 lets us know this book was written to a specific group of people, slaves of Christ.rnrnslaves-1401-doulos...- properly, someone who belongs to another,...believers who willingly live under Christ's authority as His devoted follower, (HELPS Word-studies). rnrnRevelation also comes with the promise that those who read, hear, and keep what is written will be blessed. The book of Revelation tells things that are clear and things that are not right now. But those who live in the time of the Tribulation will see all clearly as they experience the scriptures becoming their reality. For now, to read and study Revelation along with all of scripture helps put pieces together and sheds light on the events happening. Revelation warns God's wrath is coming upon the whole earth, Jesus Christ is returning as the King of all nations, and false Christians will be known and much more. Jesus begins His warnings of coming judgment in letters written to 7 churches. rnrnChurch in Ephesus, Revelation 2:1-7rnrnThe first thing Jesus does is to reveal Who He is to His church. He says, I am holding 7 stars in My right hand and I am walking among 7 golden candlesticks. What is He talking about?rnrnRevelation 1:20 gives us the answer, the stars are the leaders of the church and the lampstand is the church. Why are believers called lampstands? Briefly, in the tabernacle the lampstand was the only light in the holy place (Exodus 25-27). In John 8:12, Jesus says He is the Light of the world. In Matthew 5:14, believers are the light of the world because Christ is in them. We are Christ's light in darkness. The right hand is a symbol of Christ's authority and power over His church. What did Jesus see as He walked among the church in Ephesus?
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Changes Are Happening Faster - Our children Are at Risk! ---- Why do I
and others continually write about events that are happening because
these events are leading to a very specific time which is known as the
tribulation. This is to warn anyone who will listen that God is not
taken by surprise or off guard and that He has revealed His plan in His
written word and the world is lining up with His word faster and faster
eveyday. When the open acceptance of homosexuality began children were
still kept hidden but now we see in the artic ... #homosexual #nudity!
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Belinda Cooper I am going through some troubles concerning my son. My anger and hurt are off the charts and I am seeking the Lord to fill me with Holy Spirit to guide me. One of the reasons I am so angry is because I don't know when the end is coming and I want to make sure he is saved.
Living His Word Belinda Cooper -- I understand this pain and anxiety. It has helped me to see that worry and being anxious is a sin because it shows my distrust of God being good and just. To lean on Him as a perfect and just Judge. Whenever I feel sorrow and worry I make a conscious choice that I will magnify the Lord. I pray that Satan will be reminded by my faith in Jesus that he is a defeated foe. We, as believers, have our prayer and our witness as part of our weapons. It is our stance in the power and strength of Christ and by His love we shine light in their darkness and in God's love they see humility and gentleness. I do not say this lightly, this is what I do. I do not focus on what I don't know but what I do know. I had to give my family to God, fight to trust in His will (sometimes second by second), and choose to make Him my focus. I have seen people saved at funerals and on their deathbed. I know there will be no sorrow or tears in heaven. We plant the Seed. Untold numbers will be saved during the Tribulation. John 16:22 tells us when we see Jesus we will be filled with joy forever.

Dear Father, I ask You to give Belinda's heart your peace and to still her mind on You. Jesus You know us better than we know ourselves. You as well know sorrow so You know how to comfort her heart, meet her needs, and grow her faith in You. Give her perseverance to never stop praying, loving, and believing in Your faithfulness. Show her she is not alone. Heal and mend her wounded heart. Thank You, As our Shepherd, You make us lie down beside still waters. You hear our pleas for the unsaved and that You wish for none to perish. That You call "whomsoever will." I pray Your Word is life in Belinda's soul. All to the glory of God, Jesus Christ, forever and ever amen.
Living His Word Belinda Cooper -- We have many bible teachings but these two came to mind for you, God Bless you! Can God Heal My Broken Heart -- AND Who Do You Belong To ---
Why Was The Bible Written --- John 5:39 KJV Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.
Jesus says the bible was written about Himself and it was written so we will know He is the only Way to heaven. This means Jesus is the Way we live in heaven with Him...
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WHAT DOES YOUR LIFE EXEMPLIFY, PART 4 GOING OUR SEPARATE WAYS We have come to the last 3 verses of this Psalm. In the first 3 verses (Psalm 1:1-3) we looked at the character of the ungodly and the focus of the believer. We saw that we as believers are not to be influenced by the ways and words of the sinner but we are to delight in the word of God. The last 3 verses tell us the fate of all who do not have faith in Jesus as the Christ the Son of God (1 John 5:12-13). There is so much to get from these verses but this is to urge us to examine our life and make sure we exemplify the character of Christ. That is, make sure we are representing the heavenly kingdom of God to those in the kingdom of darkness...
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Is Psalm 83 Occurring Today? Where is Israel? ---- Psalm 83:1-4 says the enemies of Israel have one plan, to destroy them as a nation and remove them from memory. There are different thoughts on whether this is past or future but the articles make it obvious it is in the now. At this present time the enemies of Israel are working to destroy her. These people who have become apart of America's government have big dreams and expectations but what will actually happen. In Zechariah 9 we find God will destroy all those who come to destroy Israel. .
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Can God Heal My Broken -- Heart
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Mans Error or Gods Infallible Word by LHWM
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WHAT PEACE?God, Jesus, came from heaven to earth and Christians celebrate His
arrival. The angel says Jesus coming is great joy, peace, and good
toward men. There are high expectations during the holiday season but
for most this time of year is only a reminder of what they don't have.
The heart is left empty and disappointed because it has become a
celebration without a meaningful purpose....
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What Is Faith - Part 2
--- When we receive Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior through God's grace by faith, He changes us on the inside. Ephesians 2:8-10 tell us we are re-created in Christ Jesus to do the good works of God on His path. So, when I received Christ I entered into the life God had planned for me before I existed. The new heart on the inside will show up on the outside of our life... #faith
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WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG? ---- Proverbs 1:28 KJV Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: 29 For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: 30 They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. 31 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. These articles do not scratch the surface showing the rejection of the living God. Romans chapter 1 lays out this very progression of ...
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