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This bill, if passed as it is written, would have a devastating effect on the civil rights and freedoms of every American. https://conservativefiringline.....com/manchins-see-so

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Of course, the Biden Regime puts Iran first while putting America last. https://conservativefiringline.....com/south-korea-unl

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With video. The Biden Regime is working to turn America into a totalitarian state that will rival the Soviet Union in terms of its oppression. https://conservativefiringline.....com/the-authoritari

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Democrats directly assaulted the First Amendment right of a free press, specifically targeting right-of-center outlets. https://conservativefiringline.....com/democrats-launc

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With video. Naomi Wolf is absolutely correct. How much worse will things get? https://conservativefiringline.....com/former-clinton-


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