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So, truth and well-established science can now get you banned by the fascists at Twitter. https://conservativefiringline.....com/twitter-fascist

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Why are we not surprised? https://conservativefiringline.....com/new-york-times-

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Dr. Ben Edwards Shares Actual Science to TX State Senate

Two days ago, Lisa Deimel posted a Youtube video on the Wimkin Group Everything on the Virus that featured Dr. Ben Edwards testifying before a Texas State Senate committed about ineffective experimental COVID vaccines and potential Nuremberg Code violations if forced involuntary vaccinations occur. … Dr. Edwards is very informative! Every American (not just Texans – GOD BLESS TEXAS) should benefit from actual science as opposed Globalist (Dem-Marxist) propaganda science. Because I have no trust for Youtube, I am sharing a Bitchute version… WATCH HERE: https://bit.ly/3yqwoBs
#experimentalvaccines #vaers #nurembergviolations

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This is CNN. And so far, Twitter has done nothing about this guy. https://conservativefiringline.....com/cnn-propagandis


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