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BOOKS: End Time Rewind: An Exploration in Bible Prophecy and the Fate of the World. Evolution's Complexity Problem: See How Evolution Falls Apart at its Beginning.
Science and Bible Research proclaims the power, glory, and love of the now-and-forever reigning Lord and Savior Jesus Christ revealed in the Bible and through science.
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APOCALYPTIC TRIAD: PERSECUTION, DIVISION, AND PLAGUE: Are we the supposed "final generation" as Futurists claim? In the quest for biblical truth, this article looks at something which Dispensationalists and their Zionist partners in crime tend to ignore: the ancient past. As we shall see, there was ample more reason for those living in the 3rd century to believe that they were living in the End Time, than it is for us in the 21st century. http://scienceandbibleresearch.com/apocalyptic-triad.html
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CHRISTIAN IDOLATRY: US EMBASSY OPENS IN JERUSALEM: Ever since 1948 when Israel became a nation again, novice Bible students have confused the true people of God (i.e., Christians) with Christ-denying Jews according to the flesh. Now 70 years later, at the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, two prominent Christian Zionists, Robert Jeffress and John Hagee, turn the word of God upside down for secular Israel and attempt to white wash Jesus' role as the Christ and Messiah of the Jews. http://scienceandbibleresearch.com/christian-idolatry-us-embassy-opens-in-jerusalem.html
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Diana Wilbur I have to disagree on the fact that christians are God's chosen people. Like it or not it is the Jewish people who God chose first ( Romans 1:16). We are a nation of many unbelievers of God, just as many Jewish people don't believe; but there will come a day when all will face the truth (that God does exist). Gods own words tell us he has set aside from the Jewish people those who will believe and follow.
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