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The Dictatorship is Upon YOU!

SUMMARY: If you watch or read your news from the Mainstream Media (MSM or traitor media or Marxist Media or etc., etc.) you are probably unaware the illegitimate coup-derived Biden Administration is contemplating some Medical Tyranny by employing mandates forcing Americans to receive experimental COVID jabs, forcing a Federal passport proof of said jab, useless mask mandates, more useless quarantine lockdowns, travel restrictions and probably more that I cannot think of at the moment.

Adding to the Medical Tyranny, if you are a Conservative Patriot that merely believes America’s Founding created an Exceptional nation, YOU might end up on the coup-Administration’s Watch List of Domestic Terrorists even though YOU have not EVER acted in violence against local, State or Federal government entities like the Dem-Marxist paramilitary factions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

AND if YOU are a Biblical Believing Christian that worships God in Church or stand for the morality… READ ON: https://bit.ly/2VnU9L9

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Disband the FBI

I discovered a Gatestone Institute article likely to place it Biden’s domestic terrorist watchlist. The courageous title: “Disband the FBI”. If there are good cop FBI Agents among the FBI rank-n-file they are a minority encased in the fear … READ ON: https://bit.ly/3zLJgSt

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Malthusian Madmen, Mask Mandates and the COVID Vaccine

LOOK UP! Tyranny is about to be increased against the will of WE THE PEOPLE. The propaganda and brainwashing have been become ever-present. EVEN reputed Conservatives seem to be on the propaganda-brainwash bus. Even if you are labeled a domestic terrorist for peacefully yet vocally resisting Medical Tyranny, RESIST YOU MUST. It begins in your neighborhood, your community, your school board, your City Councils – JUST BEGIN. Justin Smith talks tyranny: https://bit.ly/3f03z6N

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The Biden Regime & Facebook Violate Our Free Speech Rights

Justin is a great Patriot. If you want your eyes opened to the American and God-given Rights being stolen by a coup-elevated Presidency of Dem-Marxist elitist oligarchs, then read anything written by Justin Smith. HERE Justin focuses on Biden-despots and Facebook working in tandem to censor truth and facts by the lie-label of disinformation and misinformation. WHICH IS RICH by the fact of the collusion of lies and stolen elections to ensure medical tyranny. READ: https://bit.ly/3zCCyOJ

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Discovering Asia Bibi

SUMMARY: Do you recall the persecution of Pakistani-Christian Asia Bibi? In case you have forgotten or never heard of her ordeal, she was a Pakistani-Christian laborer who dared to quench her thirst from an apparently Muslim-only well. The offended Muslims engaged in epithets against Asia’s faith which landed her in a no-win situation for Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. This means extolling any faith other than Islam is blasphemy. AND in Pakistan the penal code requires the death penalty. … Asia eventually secured freedom death row…

… Asia Bibi spoke via video at the International Religious Freedom Summit. The speaker list and was disappointing as many of the speakers were godless prominent Dem-Marxist Trump-haters. …READ ENTIRETY: https://bit.ly/3y32jY2
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The Constitution is based on the Old Testament & the Teachings of Christ Jesus. It is the rule of law of our country. The truth for living is in the Word of God: The Bible and Jesus Christ.