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Dr. Ben Edwards Shares Actual Science to TX State Senate

Two days ago, Lisa Deimel posted a Youtube video on the Wimkin Group Everything on the Virus that featured Dr. Ben Edwards testifying before a Texas State Senate committed about ineffective experimental COVID vaccines and potential Nuremberg Code violations if forced involuntary vaccinations occur. … Dr. Edwards is very informative! Every American (not just Texans – GOD BLESS TEXAS) should benefit from actual science as opposed Globalist (Dem-Marxist) propaganda science. Because I have no trust for Youtube, I am sharing a Bitchute version… WATCH HERE: https://bit.ly/3yqwoBs
#experimentalvaccines #vaers #nurembergviolations

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Depopulation – COVID – Science

I discovered a very lengthy post chock full of actual science as opposed propaganda-twisted science (propagandists take factoids and twist them to fit a political agenda – a twisted factoid is a LIE). The focus is COVID info, experimental vaccine info all wrapped into a Globalist-Marxist agenda to reduce the planet’s population … READ & WATCH ENTIRETY: https://bit.ly/3htrPjK
#faucilies #covidplandemic #depopulationagenda

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The Nuremberg Code and Mandated Experimental Vaccines

SUMMARY: I have stumbled upon videos and posts relating to a Post-WWII Nuremberg Code that came into existence due to evil Nazi medical experimentation on unwilling Concentration Camp members. The context of referencing the Nuremberg Code is the FACT that every single COVID-19 vaccine IS EXPERIMENTAL without sufficient medical/scientific evidence to remove the word “experimental” from vaccine. AND all experimental COVID vaccines are being propagandized as essential to save humanity from a virus that has a 97% to 99% (depending on the age group) survival rate. … If you willingly take experimental jabs, there is no Nuremberg Code violation. You have agreed to become a lab rat to experiment, and trust me, you are being watched for data results. IF you are told you MUST take the EXPERIMENTAL to travel, to work a job, attend school, attend college and so on; AND you do not want to for whatever reason … – those doing the forcing – or-else-threat – are violating the Nuremberg Code AGAINST UNWILLING MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION! READ & WATCH: https://bit.ly/3eGTcoG
#nurembergcode #forcedexperimentalvaccine

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A Dark Tyranny Emerges Under Biden's Regime

It is this Editor’s opinion that there is way too much American complacency that comrade Beijing Joe actually received 80-million votes to become a President in the USA. Justin Smith paints a picture of a Dem-Marxist tyranny plaguing our nation largely due to this complacent acceptance of a criminally conducted election in 2020. Will Americans continue to look the other way as political purges continue to secure a Communist totalitarian American future? An important READ: https://bit.ly/3txhDsQ
#darktyranny #demmarxistpurges

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Government Force Supplants the Rule of Law

Justin Smith shares some thoughts that illustrate American Liberty has been eroded in stealth probably since at least 1913. Friends that is a timeframe of over a 100-years in which Americans have not paid attention. That slow Liberty erosion has empowered America’s HUGE alphabet bureaucratic agencies on ALL levels of government above the rule because the alphabets now make and enforce their extra-Constitutional rules as law. The Leviathan-bureaucrats are so brazenly powerful they openly defied the rule of law to install a lawlessly elected government. YOU NEED TO READ THIS: https://bit.ly/33s02I5
#leviathanrule #libertyerosion #patriotsawaken


The Constitution is based on the Old Testament & the Teachings of Christ Jesus. It is the rule of law of our country. The truth for living is in the Word of God: The Bible and Jesus Christ.