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Mired In COVOD-19 Idiocy

As expected after the Election Coup committed by Dem-Marxists, the infection of totalitarianism is far worse than the existence of any pandemic. Though I personally am not an anti-vaxxer, Justin’s info that probably has been hidden from you should give ANYONE pause to take a COVID vaccination: http://bit.ly/2OWyJS9
#covidvaccination #demmarxistcontrol #lyingscience #sciencetruth

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Civil Disobedience the God-Kind-of-Way

SUMMARY: If you haven’t noticed, I am an extreme proponent of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE to be acted out against a fraudulently elected nominally headed by CCP Joe Biden. I say, “nominally” because CCP Joe is obviously cognitively challenged. … Hardin shares how she became a Trump supporter then gets into the meat … around the Biblical command of Romans 13: 1-2 which tells Christians to obey the governing authorities. … Obey when godly governance. Disobey ungodly tyranny in acts of godly Civil Disobedience when possible. … READ & WATCH ALL: http://bit.ly/37N5ZSL
#christiancivildisobedience #romans13context

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CNN, NBC Paid Antifa Activist for Footage From Capitol Breach

Dem-Marxist propaganda machines actual paid Antifa/BLM connected John Earle Sullivan for video footage of violence he was involved during actually peaceful Trump supporters who were labeled violent due to the actions of these 1/6 infiltrators. READ MORE: http://bit.ly/37mqNQH
#msmpaid4violence #johnearlesullivanpaid

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Your Obedience Matters, Because Your Obedience Leads To More Tyranny

The theme: Obedience is bowing to tyranny – Disobedience is a path to Liberty.

Also, an interesting tidbit: There is a new “F” that can get you deplatformed. “F” is for exposing FRAUD. This is of course as to the old “F” word – which you can guess but I want use – which seems to proliferate especially among the virtueless Left with no platform censorship.

With my push for civil disobedience in the face of Dem-Marxist totalitarianism, the Allan Stevo cross post is well worth the read. If you are conditioned to microwave gratification, you may have to return to mentally digest a comprehension key to keep the Freedom door unlocked: http://bit.ly/2NfvNzJ
#coronacommunism #communistscripting #disobedienceliberty

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The Battle Lines Are Framed

Justin Smith shares a path that essentially is a GOING GALT but suspects the bloodshed of a civil war is inevitable. I suspect a civil war is a good prediction. WHY? The Dem-Marxist paramilitary wings of Antifa and BLM have already violence against Americans and their property to instill fear. READ Justin Smith Defending Liberty and Civil Disobedience: http://bit.ly/3rSZntp
#civildisobedience #resisttyranny #stopdemmarxism


The Constitution is based on the Old Testament & the Teachings of Christ Jesus. It is the rule of law of our country. The truth for living is in the Word of God: The Bible and Jesus Christ.