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Learn The Risk is a US-based non-profit organization and a powerful force for educating people WORLDWIDE on the dangers of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments — that are literally killing us.
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Pastor Denlinger discusses how taking vaccines is a SIN:

Jeff Hertzog

Jeff Hertzog

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mRNA – The Rest of the Story

The coup-installed Faux-Elected Dementia Biden wants to criminalize truth by labelling it misinformation. I wonder what Chairman Joe’s puppeteers will do when 10th Amendment Sovereign States begin to embrace truth over tyranny science lies by refusing tyrannical medical edicts? ENTER THE STATE OF FLORIDA! MORE TO WATCH & READ: https://bit.ly/3CJh1bm

SlantRight 2.0: mRNA – The Rest of the Story

SlantRight 2.0: mRNA – The Rest of the Story

John R. Houk, Blog Editor © October 8, 2022   The coup-installed Faux-Elected Dementia Biden wants to criminalize truth by labelling i...
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An Intro – If Can’t Prove Jab Safety, Can’t Justify Jab Mandates

The Vigilant Fox has a great post today utilizing actual science from doctors which were revered in their field until they began to expose the fake-manipulative science to brainwash people to take and CONTINUE take mRNA Jab after booster Jab even though the data hidden from the public shows a volatile danger rather than the propaganda LIE: “Safe and Effective”. READ & WATCH: https://bit.ly/3SYCMsX

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Thumbing My Nose at Lying Censors

SUMMARY: I share on my off and on relationship with Facebook including FB Jail, FB Expulsion & most recent jail sentence. THE ONLY reason I keep returning are old High School contacts… AND MORE including more Facebook censor-worthy info: https://bit.ly/3SyeQNr

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The Dangerous mRNA

One-time mRNA promoter Dr. Aseem Malhotra uses peer reviewed paper to expose mRNA dangers!

The mRNA Jab is dangerous! The more mRNA boosters you take, the ever increasing danger to your health and potentially your life! Even peer reviewed studies are exposing the “Safe and Effective” mantra promoted by governments is a lie. The cardiac danger I’m about to share is merely one of many dangers. WATCH & READ: https://bit.ly/3BX5LXa


This is a discussion page about the dangers and the Biblical implications of vaccines.