Viv Mackenzie
Viv Mackenzie
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Viv Mackenzie
May 22, 1967
Lives in London
My name is Viv Mackenzie and I am married to Allan Mackenzie founder of Hasten the Day International and Hasten the Day (Reformation, Revolution, Reclamation to the church)
When my husband started Reformation Radio he asked if I thought about what I would like to do on the radio. I had no intentions of doing anything. I figured this was his thing.
As I was praying and interceding for the ministry and asking God what He wanted me to do.
The Spirit said to me, "what have I done in your life that really stands out the most to you?"
I said, ”Father You restored my marriage and gave me a new husband and a new lifestyle.” He said to me, “this is what I want you to do." Do a show about marriage. I said, "Father I don't have a degree or credentials to do this". He said, "You have me and your experience".
"Let's Talk Marriage with Viv" is a show where I can be real and share that Jesus saves and restores. I am not a doctor or hold any degrees. I am a mother and wife, and my experience comes from living the things I speak on. My knowledge come from the Word of God and the revelations He gives me by His Spirit.
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Not a peep in mainstream media, not a whole lot even in christian media.
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duncan arthurs msm will never cover a story like that msm only does fake news now
GET BACK TO YOUR FIRST LOVE. Then see what the real impact of His people should look like!
"No one in their communities lacked anything—no one had physical needs
of any kind, and there was no one on government assistance (Acts
4:33-35). Entire cities came to Jesus in a moment, and the gospel swept
through entire regions in a matter of years (Acts 9:32-35, 19:10). God's power operated through them so much they had to convince people they weren't gods (Acts 10:25-26, )
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"Those who want to win the world for Christ must have the courage to
come into conflict with it."-Titus Brandsma (martyred at Dachau under
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therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.) Mark 10:9KJV

(“For it is God which
worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”) Philippians 2:13KJV

I awoke this morning praising my God for His love, mercy and grace that He
has allowed me to come alive to another beautiful God blessed day.

Upon awakening my first thoughts were of the good and faithful wife God has
given me a gift of what I consider the absolute best help mate any man can have,
Mary is faithful to God she is faithful to me because of her love for God and
her love for me comes from that faithfulness of the love of God in her.

For nearly 59 years now she has been by my side walking beside me, hand in
hand we walk with our God and creator the Lord Jesus Christ. She has never tried to walk in front of me
and never have I allowed her to walk in back of me hand in hand we walk with
Jesus allowing him first place in our lives and to lead the way which our everyday
takes us.

People are always asking us, how is it that you have stayed together so
long while most marriages today fall apart, divide and separate within few days,
few months and few years after having one little whiff of trial or trouble,
most don’t even need any trouble to separate them they just grow apart from non-communication
with each other until all the excuse they need is we have become in compatible
with each other and want a divorce?

We simply tell them it is because we chose in the beginning of our union to
build our marriage upon the solid rock instead of the shaky shifting sands of
the world’s ideas towards marriage.

We have never needed this worlds ideas, goods, money or wealth in our
marriage all we need and ever have needed is Jesus who keeps our marriage
strong and blesses us with all good things from above so that the love of God,
our love for God and each other is all we need to stand strong under the
pressures of trials, troubles, temptations of the flesh, temptations of Satan
and the powers of darkness which comes against all of us daily whether a child
of God or not.

Yes in the first few months of our marriage we did not know Jesus we had no
relationship with God through Him, we had never heard of the solid rock, so we
began our marriage foundation based upon the world and the things in it. We tried to build a good marriage while
still living in our sins and our sinning kept tearing down what we tried to
build because sin destroys, it don’t build.

But within short months we saw our marriage relationship begin to crumble
and start shattering apart because it had too much of the world in it and was
not strong enough to stand on its shaky foundation when bombarded daily with
the powers of Satan, the lusts of our sinful flesh and the desires of our
sinful hearts.

Then one Saturday night Mary and I and our baby Charles were down town in
our home city of New Albany Indiana and we ventured into this little mission
church called the Peoples Mission, there we sat on the very back row and
listened while a young man behind the pulpit told us about Christ Jesus the
solid rock.

From that glorious night of awakening and conviction of the Holy Ghost to
opening our hearts to see the light of God’s salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ
we surrendered our hearts willingly to Him yielding ourselves to His will for
us and abandoning our own will and we began from that day forward to
reconstruct our marriage foundation on Christ the solid rock of God and yet
today we are building our marriage to last forever in Jesus our Lord.

There is no secret to our long and happy marriage but there is our choice
as to where we chose to build it.

Some say that a good marriage is built in heaven by God, No, No, No! it is
we who build our good marriage on the foundation of Christ Jesus the solid rock
of God, keep it clean and pure by the daily washing of the word of God,
sanctified holy of the Holy spirit of God, blessed of God, prospered of God,
protected by God and kept by the power of God eternally through all of the
storms and stresses of life that beat against it trying to tear it down.

(For other foundation can no man lay than that is
laid, which is Jesus Christ.) 1 Corinthians 3:11KJV

If indeed a man and a woman created of God born for each other as is Mary
and I for the purpose of God’s will and plan to the glory of God are anointed
of God to fulfill His law of marriage on earth, nothing or any one shall be
able to destroy that marriage whether it be devils, humans or any other earthly
thing, that marriage shall stand strong forever against all forces of evil
through the name of and the power of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Yes Christian brethren there is no secrets to good marriage only facts to
what makes a good marriage, and good marriages are not automatically made in
heaven but have to be built over time by
husband and wife faithful to God, faithful to each other and faithful to the
Lord Jesus Christ upon whose foundation they have chosen to build.
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Viv Mackenzie Hi Charles how are you. Thank you for your article I love it. Would it be ok for me to use this on "Let's Talk Marriage with Viv"? I would love to share it with my friends,
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God disciplines those He loves.

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