Blaine P Ducote Sr
Blaine P Ducote Sr
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Blaine P Ducote Sr
July 7, 1958
Lives in Portis
From Lakewood, CA
Hello, a little about me, I am a Christian man and my citizenship is in heaven. I am in this world not married to it. With that said, I have to walk it until I die, so America is my temporal home, I love America, I love seeing and hearing the title United States of America, l am a hard core patriot, I love America even with all our faults. I am willing to take up arms and fight if need be to protect it. Are you, or will your theology get in the way? Did the Jews protect their land, did they destroy their enemies? I will protect my family and my friends. I am in a sense, a sheepdog.

Now with my willingness to fight, I am not meaning fighting against persecution, for being a Christian. We WILL have persecution. The Lord made that clear. In persecution, we must turn the other cheek, and pray for our abusers, because Satan is controlling them like puppets. I was mean before I got saved and the Lord loved me enough to die for me and make sure I heard the gospel and was loved into the family of God. We MUST do the same not matter how it hurts or angers us to have to do so.

Lets see, I like most all styles of Christian music, prefer Red, Demon Hunter, Skillet, We as Human, and so much more. In classic Christian music, I like Mustard Seed Faith, Bethlehem, Danny Daniels and the Sons of Thunder, Daniel Amos, Parable, Sweet Comfort, Darrel Mansfield, Love Song, and on and on. I am the husband of one wife for 24 years now, she is a beautiful godly women, amazing mother of my kids and truly a gift from the Lord, I could not function without her.
I have four children 3 boys 1 girl. My middle son is currently in bible college and majoring in Christian ministries, with a minor in worship leadership, that does not set him apart from my other children, just glad of his chosen direction. All my kids are amazing and I love them dearly. My first born child, Kellie Ann died after 9hrs, the Lord blessed us with her and I can't wait to hold her in heaven. I am a very blessed man. I am looking forward to making some friends here and I hope the Lord will help make that happen.
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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all blessed and doing well. I want to let Mick, Claudia, Luc, Lori, and Donald each of you I have sent private messages to that I am still praying for you each morning and you are not forgotten. The Lord knows all our struggles, concerns and needs He is working all things out according to His perfect will for your life and loves you much more than you can comprehend. I hope you are all blessed today and keep your focus on Jesus. God bless you all.
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Todd A Vandeberg Good morning
Good morning everybody in the sword of the spirit group. Hey I have a question, why have you guys join this group? Many of you have but I've never heard from any of you. I don't understand why folks would join a prayer group and then not post prayer request or praise reports. Not even offer prayer request on behalf of other individuals. Why be part of the group why are you here?

I don't mean that sarcastically I'm truly curious.

I'll be honest and tell you that I'm struggling with keeping my account here on this social cross because I feel like I'm talking to a wall and trying to beat the wind. Just wondering if anyone have anything to say. God bless you guys have a good day
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Blaine P Ducote Sr Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it, I am staying here for now because of three individuals. They are in much need of prayer and we are conversing via this site. I am very concerned for them and wish to stay in contact with them until the are over the rough spot they are in.
Donald James Parker I could use prayer. I started a company to publish books 9 1/2 years ago - named Sword of the Spirit Publishing. I branched into movie making in 2013. I have failed to even break even one year. I'm struggling with the decision to keep the doors open or hang it up.
Blaine P Ducote Sr Donald James Parker, I will add you too my prayer list Sir, I to am in the work of building a recording studio. I know the struggle. I will honored to keep you in prayer. Thanks for posting. Welcome to the group.
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Everyone PLEASE READ. hi Blaine, I'm reaching out to ask that your group could pray for me. I've been in horrible pain since last Sunday. I've seen the surgeon and they are working on scheduling my surgery but I'm fearing it might not happen for a few months due to him only doing surgery once a month in my city. I'm not sure how to handle this pain. pain meds don't touch it, ice will help for a few min. sitting, standing, are painful. all i can do is lay on my back. i can't do any house work, hold my grand baby, drive without aid of a pillow and I can't drive far even with that. I'm not sure why all of the sudden I hurt but I'm wondering if it's from having the steroid shots and now they have worn off and the stuff I was doing while under pain relief is the cause of me hurting? all I know is I don't think I can go on much longer. I'm having panic attacks now due to the pain and nausious all the time. i can't take pain meds during waking hrs as I work. and like i said they don't work anyways. I've been doing dine CBD oil to help me sleep and out does but then I'm up in the middle of the night in pain again. its like my lumbar area has collapsed i know it hasnt but it feels like it has. I'm just getting depressed from all of this. can your group pray that I get scheduled for surgery the first week of Jan 2018? thank you ahead of time
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Michael Ladendecker Praying
Pas Mich Speak to the mountain combined with faith (pain) mark 11:24 and believe.. lay your hands on it and heal it.. Trust in God and ask Him what to do.. Medication or faith? Prayer will also help and its good to get to the root of the issue.. It sounds unplesant.. without knowing what it is for example kidney stone etc its hard to advise on a physical level.. Fasting may be an option but also diet my be linked to it so a food sensitivity test may help plus the elimination process a d increased water..

It is a bit long to go into but heres a link about meds.. saw the panic attack bit.. Rebuke the spirit of fear.. 2 Tim 1:7 and list what you fear and then stabd against in in prayer and resist it by declaring that you will not fear what ever the things are and facs them.

Bdeathing into a paper bag is said to help panic attacks while slowing down the breathing can help anxiety attacks. You may be taking on far too much in general and need relief.. focusin on the issues and not on God (Col 3:2) helps magify the experiences and the way to focus on God is prayer at regular intervals, daily worship music, reading Biblical materials that apply to your current circumstances su h as joyce meryer (batykefield of the mind is a good book for you just now) and reading a few psals before bed and on waking and setting Bibke studies.. also relaxation such as a home foot spa a Bible film or a bit of exercise which is good for anxiety even if it is a 20 min walk and lavendar oil not allergic and not using homeopathy can help relax of a few drops are rubbed into a bit of olive oil even or 20 drops in the bath and roman camomils oil may be a good alternative to lavendar..

Daily declarations on waking after pryer for eg..
God did not give me a spirit of fear
I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me
I am strong in the Lord and the power of His might
By His stripes i am healed
Jesus Christ has left His peace with me
I have health and healing and an a undance of peace and truth
*i will lie down in peace and sleep the lord keeps me safe

Say tbem out loud a d meditate on the within.. heres a link with some healing scriptures God to reveal the source of the ailment

Also consider a possibility of spiritual wounding.. the book of Nehemiah may help..

Matthew 8 is enocoraging and if you read on Jesus healing and what took place you may even get more revelation..

If your mind is to busy u may struggle to hear God and i know it is busy so here.. Some ways to hear God..

Thru the Bible, sermons, Christian help books, testimonies, prayer, fasting, other people but not all and sometinex your own word but also thru gospel music below is a link to some sermons including ones on fear gospe music to save u from searching. Depends on taste so theres 2 links is an audioBible app or u can listen on line online hope this all helps

Several folks have joined the group in the last week. Welcome to you all, submit prayer request here so we can keep them in prayer with you. If you prefer you can message myself or any one and request prayer. God bless.
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I feel I need to re-post this... Hello folks, I want to make a comment and it is not my intent to offend anyone. I am married to my beautiful wife Rachel, so I do not except friend requests from the ladies here.
I have been getting many, many requests daily. I know this is a
christian site, and things are on the up and up. However, I still feel
it is inappropriate for me to make friends with the ladies here. I would
never do anything to give my wife pause to have to think of why I am
visiting with other ladies. Thanks for your understanding.
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Hey Chris, thanks for the friend request. I hope you are having a great day.
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Chris Lythgoe Thanks Blaine. I am indeed. You too.
Blaine P Ducote Sr I see the mic in you profile, I am building a recording studio the bunker. I have a page on it here on SC.
HI Jerry, thanks for the friend invite. I hope you are doing awesome.
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HI Kenneth, welcome to SocialCross, and yep friend request accepted. Hope you are blessed!
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We have had several people join the group over the last few days. So I want to quote Mick, "Exact time prayer 1:11am & 1:11 pm. Central time Daily. Post pray lists, post prayer knowledge, information and testimonials of victory. Post your own personal Prayers.". If for some reason you are uncomfortable posting your prayer request here, then if you like you can message me and I'll be glad to keep it in prayer everyday. God bless!
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